Modifying the materials each time...

Modifying the materials each time...

Postby opusv » Mon Jul 27, 2015 2:20 pm

Hi all,

I am using GTE 0.601, 3dsMax2014 and Vray 3.20

The problem appears when i simply add some custom buildings on an area.
Each time i add a building or buildings, i have to pick the material of the buildings one by one and try to find which is the glass material and change it with the material i am using for glazings.
Before that, i need to use VraySceneConverter to convert the standart materials to Vray materials.

When i check the Multi-Sub building materials, i see that there are many buildings which use exactly the same material but its not possible to select the buildings by materials. So, what im doing is, checking all the buildings and change the materials.

It would be great at least if i had to change each multisub for once and it effects all the buildings in the scene which use that material.

Is there an easier way? or, is it possible to assing a glass material into the root folder and it will take glass from there all the time?

many thanks.
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Re: Modifying the materials each time...

Postby kilaD » Mon Jul 27, 2015 9:13 pm


Try to load the GTMatLib in the slate material editor, then modify the materials there and save the matlib.

I would recommend you use GT 1.0 instead,
you can create your own materials and libraries and assign them to buildings easier. + lots of other improvements.
0.6 version will not be updated anymore.
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